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Have you seen some thread-like designs on shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and sweatshirts? Sure, you have! You might be wondering what it is, and how it got there. It is called an embroidery design, and it got there by a designer.


What is embroidery?

Embroidery is an art that involves the use of needle along with yarn or thread, to create patterns on fabric. Apart from needle and thread, other materials such as pearls, quails, and beads can also be used. When working with lots of fabrics, it's not feasible to use the hand method. Thus, machine embroidery can be adopted.


Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery is a kind of embroidery process that involves using a sewing machine or embroidery machine to create designs or patterns on fabrics. It is used commercially for branding all types of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.


Types of machine embroidery 

There are two basic types of machine embroidery. They are;

  • Free-motion machine embroidery 

  • Computerized machine embroidery 

Get professional embroidery from EgosTess in Miami 

Embroidery is one of the top methods of logo apparel decoration for various reasons.

  • Uniqueness.

With a professional embroidery service, you have full control of the design or pattern you want, and you will eventually have a high-quality design. Luckily embroidery is versatile; it can be done in t-shirts, caps, trousers, and jumpsuits.

  • Durability 

When you hire a professional embroidery service such as Egos Tees and Prints, you get a hard-wearing embroidered material that would neither fade nor wear quickly. You are sure of having a long-lasting design.

  • Advertising.

Professional embroidery services can help you advertise your product with good quality logo designs that speak your brand or business.


Don't you think you need a professional to do a perfect job for you?

Inscribe logos on your fabric with Egos Tees and Prints to get the best embroidery design in Miami. You can also get Egos embroidered t-shirts, of your choice on our online store.

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